Alexander Sladek

Hard Facts Born 1972 in Vienna Education Professional Fun Facts Pretty sporty in his younger years he was well protected by two large St.Bernard-shepherds. Today, at over 50 years of age, there is less of the sportiness, but the love of dogs has remained – Alexander is the owner of a Portuguese water dog, who …

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Philipp Gruell

Hard Facts Born 1993 in Mödling Professional Education and other activities Funfacts Copywriting, journalism, political strategy and social work. Wherever words can make a difference, Philipp has already been there. He learned his craft from an early age: Even as a child, Philipp liked to talk. Ideally, as he says himself: “A lot, quickly and …

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Andreas Hohenauer

Hard Facts Born 1998 in Vienna Professional Education Funfacts Last seen with leather-jacket and Dropkick-Murphys-Hoodie (PR clearly means Punk-Rock in this case) and always precise in his work. In his Internship at national Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” Andreas learned the basics of journalism and communications and has now developed to know these fields like the …

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Beate Reim

Hard Facts Born 1969 in Haslach an der Mühl grown up in Linz 1 year au pair Paris 1989 – 2005 Vienna since then Lower Austria Married, 1 adult daughter Professional Education and activities in different industries Funfacts All roads lead to Skills. Beate, who once graced our office in the early 90s, has also …

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Stefan A. Sengl

a man with short dark hair smiles at the camera

Hard facts Fun facts Stevi has always been great at “storytelling”. The only difference is that back then it was still called “telling stories”, benefited his green plush hippo Ernie and was fuelled by Michael Ende. But Ende was only the beginning – and little Stevi decided early on that this could just be the …

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Helmut Stögerer

a laughing man with jacket stands in the corridor of the agency

Hard facts Born 1967 in Vienna Education Studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration with a special focus on marketing and corporate management. Professional Fun facts It is difficult to imagine Helmut in size S. Fact is: he was not born at 1.90 m (see photo 1 above for proof). …

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Jürgen H. Gangoly

Man with suit, short hair and dark glasses stands in front of a wooden wall.

Hard Facts Fun Facts Leadership is simply in some people’s (Jür)genes. As for those who now resign themselves to being at a disadvantage due to fate, we’ll talk them out of it right away: because in order to be a Managing Director at Skills, you not only have to have skills, you also have to …

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Jörg Wollmann

Jörg Wollmann lächelt in die Kamera vor ei

Hard Facts Born 1971 in Vienna Education Professional Fun Facts As the finance minister at Skills, “His Excelness” is straightforward, meticulous and plans ahead. Yet Jörg’s life path was not linear at all, but a calculation with many variables. Although musically talented from an early age, it was only later that he put one and …

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