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The Spirit of Skills

Are you looking for a PR agency? Here we tell you what makes us special and what distinguishes us from other agencies. Decide for yourself whether we are your “perfect match” …

Our principles

Our principle is: we only promise what we can fulfil in practice or have already provably fulfilled.

Our goal

Our goal is always to strengthen the social standing of our clients in the long term. Yes, we can also do “short-term” (e.g. organise an ad-hoc press conference within a few days) and fast can be fun. But: a long-term overall strategy, socio-political and economically sustainable thinking are indispensable for image building and success, even in fast-moving industries.

Our promise

Our promise is therefore that we are always on the lookout for the best possible ways and solutions for our clients. Even when they do not explicitly demand them. We offer quality, competence, reliability, commitment, fairness and much more – but we don’t just tell our clients what they want to hear: We see ourselves as a “sparring partner” with handshake quality.

Our quality

Our quality is documented both internally and externally: our quality assurance system has been certified since 2004 according to the international quality standard for PR agencies, the “Consultancy Management Standard” (CMS). Since 2014, Skills has also borne the “Austrian PR Quality Mark“, to which ethics and quality criteria apply in addition to the CMS standard. We ourselves have been leading the development of codes of ethics and quality criteria for the Austrian PR industry for many years. Visible signs of the quality of our work are our numerous awards: Skills is not only the first and so far the only PR agency the Ministry of the Economy has honoured by awarding the Austrian National Coat of Arms – we are the most award-winning agency in the country overall.

Our ambition

Our ambition is to offer more than what is expected of us. We do not rest on our laurels, but work every day to develop new ideas, tools and concepts – and can therefore offer some exclusive tools. Creativity, innovation and thinking outside the box are what we demand of ourselves.

Our achievement

  • an image that is built, maintained and protected,
  • customers who find your company attractive,
  • stories that are picked up by the media and multipliers,
  • corporate goals that are supported by your employees,
  • networks in politics and business that bring long-term and stable relationships,
  • in short: tangible and measurable success. For over 35 years.

If you can identify with our “spirit”, then: A warm welcome to The Skills Group!