Heidi Staska

dark haired lady looking at computer screen laughing

Hard Facts Born 1965 in Baden Professional Education Fun Facts Firstly, things turn out differently and secondly, they don’t happen as you expect them to. She wanted to be a stewardess, our Heidi. And where did she end up? In the cockpit of our agency. Where she makes sure that our high-altitude flights run without …

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Susanne Sterniczky

Lady with dark shoulder length hair and glasses stands in office corridor

Hard Facts 1981 born in Oberwart, Burgenland Professional Education Fun Facts We believe that Susanne tends to somewhat glorify her childhood memories: she claims that she liked to play and enjoyed the Adriatic holidays with sun, ice cream, sea and other children in a very relaxed way. That’s what she says. In reality, she probably …

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Helmut Stögerer

a laughing man with jacket stands in the corridor of the agency

Hard facts Born 1967 in Vienna Education Studied business administration at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration with a special focus on marketing and corporate management. Professional Fun facts It is difficult to imagine Helmut in size S. Fact is: he was not born at 1.90 m (see photo 1 above for proof). …

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Gabriela Wallner-Delian

Gabriela Delian

Hard facts Education Industrial management assistant Professional Fun facts Gabi saw the light of day at the exact millisecond of the calculated date of birth. At least that’s the story – because if anyone takes numbers seriously, it’s her. She already managed the money at school events and played cashier at the Christmas bazaar (where …

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Jörg Wollmann

Jörg Wollmann lächelt in die Kamera vor ei

Hard Facts Born 1971 in Vienna Education Professional Fun Facts As the finance minister at Skills, “His Excelness” is straightforward, meticulous and plans ahead. Yet Jörg’s life path was not linear at all, but a calculation with many variables. Although musically talented from an early age, it was only later that he put one and …

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Sophie Zinsmeister

Hard Facts Born 2000 in Vienna Professional Education Driving licence classes Athletic achievements Funfacts Language artist, show jumper and truck driver. Hardly any other resume has as many unexpected twists and turns as Sophie’s. But let’s start from the beginning: even as a child, when she drove her teachers up the wall with her thirst …

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