Education & Research

Formulating and explaining complex interrelationships in such a way that they can be understood by broad sections of the population is a core competence in communicating research and science. We work with education experts to prepare content for educational and school programs in such a way that it can be readily used in the classroom.

  • Education Climate Index: Enabling Innovation

    The quality and performance of the education system in Austria is mostly assessed by the PISA tests and other assessments of student performance. However, there are hardly any data on the organizational and pedagogical conditions under which these results are achieved and how satisfied students, teachers and parents are with the school system. To change …

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  • Two teaching folders are on a table

    Lawyers go to school

    “Anwälte machen Schule” (Lawyers go to school) are teaching materials on various legal issues – prepared for pupils.

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  • Bunte Flyer

    Success story since 2005:

    For over 15 years, has been helping children, young people, parents and teachers to use the Internet safely – and is now the top contact in this field …

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  • MEGA Educational Foundation

    The MEGA Education Foundation supports innovative educational initiatives in the two areas of opportunity fairness and business literacy/life skills. …

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  • verschiedene Euro-Scheine

    OeNB: Major Project Euro Introduction

    Skills supported the Oesterreichische Nationalbank in the changeover to the new currency: a PR program lasting several years ensured knowledge transfer and acceptance among the population …

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