Crisis communication

With appropriate preparation, crises can be well managed – or, in the best case, avoided altogether. Once the bad news is "out there", however, there is no stopping it or bringing it back.
We create the conditions for successful crisis management by installing an early warning system and preparing for possible crisis scenarios together with our clients. But if a crisis actually occurs, we are on duty for our clients around the clock. And as we all know, good crisis management even offers the chance to improve one’s image.
  • Creation of crisis communication manuals
  • Scenario creation and damage potential analysis
  • Management coaching
  • Organisation of crisis training
  • 24/7 stand-by service
  • Crisis management
  • Media and stakeholder support in crisis situations
Our crisis communication team is trained across various industries and has worked successfully for banks, transport companies, airlines, companies in the chemical industry, the food industry, the automotive industry, for institutions and public bodies, and in numerous restructuring projects for large companies.