Andreas Hohenauer

Account Assistant

Hard Facts

Born 1998 in Vienna


  • Account Assistant at The Skills Group since 2023
  • Journalistic Internship “Die Presse” in 2021


  • Bachelor of Theater- Film- and Media Science at the University of Vienna
  • Technical Highschool Degree in Network Engineering at SZU Ungargasse in Vienna


Last seen with leather-jacket and Dropkick-Murphys-Hoodie (PR clearly means Punk-Rock in this case) and always precise in his work. In his Internship at national Austrian newspaper “Die Presse” Andreas learned the basics of journalism and communications and has now developed to know these fields like the back of his hand. The World of Stockerau (Lower Austria) and Montana (USA) was too small, so he ended up in the big city. Now while he doesn’t conquer the vast nothingness of space like the astronaut that he once planned on becoming as a child, even back then he had the ability to overwhelm most of his contemporaries with the sheer amount of stories he had to tell. “That child will be either a politician or a priest”, his grandfather was once quoted saying.

In the end, the silence of space or church was not an option for Andreas, which is why he managed to firmly plant his foot in the world of public relations.

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