Why Skills?

First of all, as soon as you join us, the whole team is on first-word basis. This already says a lot in terms of the working atmosphere and our understanding of working as a team.

Experienced strategists and creatives, advisers and doers, offline and online communication specialists, jacket and t-shirt wearers – and this, of course, in male and female as well as in younger and older manifestations, and at eye level. We are a group that could not be more diverse, but still fits together wonderfully. That’s what makes us special

What we all have in common: we lend a hand when it’s necessary. Anyone who needs a secretary to start up the copier or the espresso machine is out of place here. The same goes for those who are looking for a “9-to-5 job” where everything runs according to rigid rules and what can’t be finished today can wait until tomorrow. By the way, we are the first Austrian PR agency to receive the “Work & Family” award – that says it all.

To sum it up: you’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a job where you’ll never be bored; where your commitment and ideas are appreciated; and where you can – and should – develop your skills to the full.

It’s no coincidence that we’re called The Skills Group:The name says it all.

It goes without saying that a successful agency pays according to performance and offers first-class working conditions.

Current job offers

Internship and temporary staff

The myth of agency life – how true is it? What is it really like? If you would like to get a taste of agency life and are able to manage your time flexibly – then write to us and tell us why you are the right person for us.

Your contact person:
The Skills Group
Gabriela Wallner-Delian
Margaretenstraße 70
1050 Wien