Internal communication and employer branding

Inform & motivate – challenge & support

There are many reasons to communicate internally: mergers, acquisitions, innovation leadership, strategy projects, new mission statements, repositioning, etc. The aspiration and the requirements are usually the same: achieving the (newly) defined goals through better performance – of the company, of the managers, of the teams, ultimately of the whole staff.
The added value: clear differentiation and sustainable reputation externally, common identification and performance-promoting spirit internally.
Our proven approach:
  • Planning internal communication just as strategically and implement it just as creatively (i.e. inspirationally) as external communication.
  • Integrating personnel development/management training into employee communications in a targeted manner.

Employer branding – strategically creating the employer brand

In the competition for the "best minds" and in the effort to retain staff, employers and their reputation are constantly under scrutiny, as young people share their experiences with companies and institutions in social networks and rate them online for all to see. Only if one succeeds in looking at one's own company with an unbiased view from the outside can the strengths and weaknesses of one's employer brand become visible.
The Employer Reputation Monitor (ERM), a customised tool from Skills, makes this possible. The customised and data-supported analysis shows HR and communications managers clear fields of action and serves as a data-supported basis for targeted reputation management and strategic employer branding.
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  • Karin Wiesinger,Skills, and Christina Matzka, Triple M, presenting he new tool.

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    Skills and Triple M’s Employer Reputation Monitor (ERM) helps identify the strengths and weaknesses of employer brands – for successful employee retention. …

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