Green bubbles standing for sustainability communication

Sustainability communication

Communicating social responsibility credibly

The topics of sustainability and responsibility have arrived in society at large: Customers are demanding transparency and social responsibility from brands and companies, major international corporations are scrutinising their supply chains for sustainable actions, and the media as well as NGOs are taking a close look when companies highlight their commitment to climate protection and diversity.

Corporate sustainability encompasses ecological, economic and social aspects and, as an instrument of strategic corporate management, helps to guarantee long-term corporate success. Communication - internally and externally - is essential for a successful corporate sustainability process.

Since January 2017, large domestic companies have been obliged to disclose the social, societal and ecological impacts of their business activities in addition to financial reports. Increasingly, this also affects SMEs that want to work for large and international clients.

Our expertise

From sustainability reports to the communication of concrete projects, Skills supports and accompanies your company in the implementation of your sustainability strategy.

We understand sustainability in the broad context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which go far beyond environmental protection:


If requested, we can use Reputation Gap Analysis to measure the discrepancy between what clients expect from your company and what they actually experience, and to plan and implement communication activities on a scientific basis.

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