Susanne Sterniczky

Senior Account Manager

Hard Facts

1981 born in Oberwart, Burgenland


  • Since March 2016 Account Manager at The Skills Group
  • 2015 Project management at the Institute for Brand Development Graz (IFMG) / Graz
  • 2012 – 2014 PR-Consultant at Munford Public Relations / Munich
  • 2009 – 2011 Freelance editor at Styria-Multi-Media-Verlag / Vienna


  • Diploma in political science and bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication science at the Universities of Vienna and Hamburg
  • Business Sustainability Management at CISL, Cambridge University

Fun Facts

We believe that Susanne tends to somewhat glorify her childhood memories: she claims that she liked to play and enjoyed the Adriatic holidays with sun, ice cream, sea and other children in a very relaxed way. That’s what she says. In reality, she probably gave her friends fiery lectures about emancipation and the patriarchal image of women, made contacts with future Italian KOLs on the beach and sorted other children’s sand toys on the side (even today, she is constantly rearranging the dishwasher). Or what? In any case, that’s how we know our agency perpetuum mobile: glowing with idealism, a workhorse, a perfectionist. What we immediately believe: Susanne was a clique type and – in accordance with Burgenland tradition – the child of choice to welcome important politicians to her hometown. Because even now she is a networker before the Lord (or Lady). Presumably she whispers outfit tips to the illustrious guests on the side. Accept them, we recommend. Because Susanne’s passion, besides PR, is still fashion and politics.

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