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MARS influencer collaboration

Bring your dog to work – it’s possible at the Mars Austria office. But how should young people out there find out about this bonus?

Through influencer collaborations, the reach and credibility of opinion leaders in their community can be used for one’s own topic or company – provided one finds a person who fits the target group and accepts the individual style for which he or she is popular among fans.

On the occasion of “Bring your dog to work” day, Mars Austria asked 500 Austrian working people with and without dogs how they assess this trend. From young graduates this hardly elicits a yawn. But what happens when the opinions of those on the other end of the leash are also solicited?

So the office dogs at Mars Austria were also – tongue in cheek – “interviewed” on camera about their experiences in the working day: How is it together with your mistress/master at the office? How do you spend your working day? What do you do during your lunch break? Are all office dogs friends? The video “Michi interviews dogs” was created as part of a cooperation with YouTuber and Influencer Michael Buchinger: