Karin Wiesinger,Skills, and Christina Matzka, Triple M, presenting he new tool.

How to sharpen your employer image

In the competition for the “best brains” and in the constant effort to keep employee fluctuation as low as possible, employer reputation is permanently put to the test. This is reinforced by the growing willingness of younger target groups to share their experience with companies and institutions in social networks and to rate them online.

It is therefore all the more important to look beyond the horizon – for management as well. Only if managers succeed in changing their perspective and familiarising themselves with the outside view will recruiting measures also bring the desired success. This is why the communications and HR departments need to work together.

Aspiration versus reality

The Employer Reputation Monitor (ERM) is a customised tool which – based on the methodology of Reputation Gap Analysis – compares employees’ expectations of the “ideal employer” with the degree of fulfilment by the current employer. The ERM is conducted by Skills together with the company Triple M and is aimed at both communications and HR managers.

The individually adapted and data-supported analysis shows clear fields of action in order, on the one hand, to bind current employees to the company over the long term and, on the other hand, to be perceived by the public as an attractive employer. A short social listening analysis of the employer brand completes the picture.

Your benefit: a data-supported basis for targeted reputation management instead of the scattergun approach, for successful employee retention and the sharpening of the employer brand.

Details of the Austrian benchmark study on expectations of employers in the financial and ICT sectors, in industry, commerce and the public sector can be found here. finden Sie hier.