verschiedene Euro-Scheine

OeNB: Major Project Euro Introduction

Skills supported the Oesterreichische Nationalbank in the changeover to the new currency: a PR program lasting several years ensured knowledge transfer and acceptance among the population.

The currency in Austria is the euro. This is now normal not only for everyone born after the turn of the millennium, but also for those who used to pay in schillings. However, this self-evident fact took time – and extensive communication measures. After all, mistrust, habit (“these are in shillings, if you will …”) and uncertainty initially characterized the changeover to the euro.

Skills developed and accompanied a multi-year PR program for the introduction of the euro for the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and was thus able to contribute to the acceptance of the new currency in Austria. A major project that was also awarded the State Award for Public Relations.

360 degree communication

In addition to strategy development and ongoing strategic consulting, Skills implemented a whole range of measures and activities for the OeNB:

  • New corporate design
  • PR and marketing concept for the Money Museum
  • Development, production and logistics of the teaching package “Money and Currency” for teachers and students
  • Use of testimonials
  • Media relations (press releases, press conferences, …)
  • Accompanying communications for the construction of the new money center (OeNB II) and the renovation of the main building
  • Events
  • Logistics for all info materials
  • Workshops for journalists, media training
  • and many more.