Eine Grafik, die Erwartungen und reale Erfüllung wie ein Spinnennetz anzeigt

Reputation Gap: Clarity about your image

The exclusive analysis tool “Reputation Gap” shows the discrepancy between expectations of a company and the actual experience of customers..

Whether you are an international corporation, an SME, or a craftsman around the corner: If you have built up a good reputation or a strong brand among customers, stakeholders, and (potential) employees – and are thus credible – you will also find it easier to cope with crisis situations such as the Covid 19 pandemic.

This is because a company’s reputation and brand image are demonstrably decisive for its long-term economic success. The effects of corporate decisions and communication activities must therefore be measurable and regularly verifiable in order to be able to deploy resources and activities in a targeted manner. Just as sea charts are indispensable for captains to navigate safely, management teams also need valid data to steer their company in a targeted manner.

Uncovering “blind spots” in corporate image.

This is made possible by the analysis tool “Reputation Gap”, which the PR agency Skills and the market research expert Christina Matzka introduced to the Austrian market in 2014. This is a scientifically based analysis and survey system developed by the globally active agency network and Skills partner “FleishmanHillard“.

This method compares the expectations of customers or employees regarding corporate reputation with the actual fulfillment and thus not only reveals blind spots, but also identifies areas for action to close any gaps.

You can find out more about the “Reputation Gap” analysis and the results of the first study in Austria in the areas of banks, mobile providers and leading online stores here.