Ecotech start-up abaton: Innovation through “breathing components

Skills brings the market launch and communication of abaton on track. 

Saving energy in heating and cooling is one of the perennial favorites in the construction sector: The great advantages of surface cooling over classic air conditioning systems have been known for many years, but the implementation in our latitudes has so far reached its physical limits: Without additional dehumidification, a lot of condensation forms when cooling large surfaces.

It is precisely this central problem of moisture development during surface cooling that the Viennese ecotech start-up abaton has been able to solve in a sustainable way with a new system – which represents a milestone in building physics. Patented panels use a special pore structure to regulate the condensation that forms inside the building component during cooling. The “breathing” components thus ensure pleasant room comfort without drafts and also save around 25 percent energy compared to air-cooled systems – regardless of the building structure and climate zone. 

Skills already supported the founding team around the Viennese engineers Benedikt Goehmann and Maximilian Gruber in setting up its communication structures for the market launch.

This included, in particular, the sharpening of the company profile, the development of a coherent online and social media presence as the company’s digital business card, and the presentation of the innovative construction system to media representatives in the showroom. 

After the first pilot series were produced this year and integrated into a Viennese office building for the first time, an expansion of production at one of Austria’s largest concrete and precast manufacturers is planned for 2022. The skills team is pleased with founder Benedikt Goehmann about the first public recognition for abaton: The start-up was nominated for the founder award PHOENIX 2021. 

More info about the system can be found here and here!