Union members with campaign subjects

younion: awareness and information campaign

The Covid 19 pandemic had serious consequences for all areas of private, public and business life. In particular, the crisis highlighted how instrumental people in critical infrastructure are to the functioning of our system – indeed, system-relevant jobs in the truest sense. They were applauded and called heroes. At the same time, it was precisely these sectors that were hit harder than ever by cutbacks and retrenchments.

younion_die Daseinsgewerkschaft represents these heroines and heroes in over 200 occupational groups with 150,000 union members. That’s why younion, as an important force in the representation of interests, has taken the communicative opportunity to show its colours in the course of the annual “International Public Service Day” on 23.6. and to deposit a concrete package of demands. Because: Applause alone is not enough. What is needed is fair pay, fair working conditions and a plan for the future.

Skills therefore designed an Austria-wide awareness and information campaign for younion. The deliberately reduced and thus attention-grabbing subjects and videos were implemented in print, online, on social media and out-of-home (city lights , info screens in all Vienna subway stations and screens in public transport – i.e. deliberately in an area of critical infrastructure). The campaign was reinforced by targeted press work, consisting of interviews in print and TV media, as well as talks with political decision-makers.

Based on the well thought-out strategy and the attention-grabbing off- and online creative implementation, the campaign achieved, among other things, 16 million gross contacts in print, 6.1 million contacts in out-of-home across Austria, 6.1 million view contacts on YouTube with a true view rate of 26% and thus 30% above the benchmark for social/political communication stated by YouTube. as well as extensive coverage. The issue was also specifically addressed in the political debate.