Cornelius Obonya, Angelika Niedetzky and Dirk Stermann

SONNE-International: Prominent Voices

Skills provides pro bono support to the Austrian development aid organisation SONNE-International. The NGO supports mainly children and young people in Ethiopia, Bangladesh, India and Myanmar so that they can free themselves from poverty through education and training.

Skills most recently participated in the information campaign “1,000 nights without a home” in autumn 2020. At that time, one million displaced Rohingya had been stuck traumatised and homeless in the world’s largest refugee camp for more than 1,000 nights. To draw attention to the hopeless situation of these people, the cultural workers Angelika Niedetzky, Cornelius Obonya and Dirk Stermann donated their voices. They told the personal stories of people who had fled. Short videos were created from these and used primarily for social media campaigns. Skills took over the organisation and support of the artists.

More projects by SONNE and Skills

The year before, the adventurer Jochen Meissner started his 3000-kilometre challenge across Asia. His goal during the tour was to raise 15,000 euros for the street children’s support centre in Yangon. Skills took over the media work in Austria and was thus able to draw attention to the unusual challenge of the Austrian abroad and additionally motivate him through media reports. The fundraising goal was reached and the support centre opened in autumn 2019.

Skills also supported the crowdfunding initiative of karate world champion Alisa Buchinger – both with press work and with an internal agency donation. The money raised was used to finance karate self-defence courses for girls and young women in India, thus strengthening their self-confidence.