You see three men in a conversation and from the right come a lot of emoji, like the ones used on Facebook.

Our agency needs (no) image film

A tongue-in-cheek image film which avoids the usual praise-hype, but still shows skills – a balancing act you can only manage if you do not take yourself too seriously.

Our goal was to create an image video that stands out from typical image films with a new and modern approach. The video should be entertaining, encourage interaction and satirise typical old-fashioned image video sequences. It touches on a wide variety of areas, underpins the statements with appropriate visuals and presents them in a humorously ironic way. In cooperation with News on Video, the film was quickly realised – the conversation between the partners was spontaneous and only based on a rough sketch, which is why the film is so authentic.
With more than 54,800 people reached via the agency’s Facebook page, over 30,700 views,
more than 1,500 likes or reactions, 205 comments and 91 shares, we quickly received direct feedback.
Never seen the Skills image film? Here’s your chance to catch up.