Harley-Davidson-Biker mit Kindern im Rollstuhl

Harley-Davidson Charity-Tour

Every year bikers tour throughout Austria to collect donations for children and young people with muscle disease. Skills sits in the sidecar and takes care of the press work.

The Harley-Davidson Charity Fund has been supporting needy people from Austria, especially children and young people suffering from muscular dystrophy, since 1996. Under the motto “LOUD for the quiet – STRONG for the weak” bikers ride once a year through almost all provinces and collect donations that directly benefit the needy children and their families. Through participation fees, the sale of fan articles and the support of sponsors, around 2.3 million euros have been raised for the fund’s protégés over the past 20 years.

Skills supports the initiative by assisting the organizers with the press work for the annual charity tour as well as for the charity gala free of charge. In this way, Skills helps the organizers to generate more awareness for their events and the disease and thus contributes significantly to reaching potential donors.

All press information about the Harley-Davidson Charity Tour can be found here.