Brochure, tablet and printout on table

Digital Linz Programme

Skills ensured a coherent textual and graphic design of the 80-page “Digitales Linz” programme booklet

“Digitales Linz” is a strategic initiative commissioned by Linz Mayor Klaus Luger to take further digitisation steps for citizens in a targeted manner, in cooperation with researchers and businesses. With the help of digitisation and beneficial projects, the Upper Austrian capital city of Linz is to remain a sustainable place to work and live. “Artificial intelligence” will play a central role in this undertaking.

A core team of city experts led by Magistrate Director Ulrike Huemer coordinated the initiative’s formats and content, which were contributed by the various departments and other content partners. Skills was responsible for the editorial revision of the draft texts, with the aim of making the complex contents and projects comprehensible even for less technically experienced readers. This under the premise that the contents were not to be altered, and the standard for the specialist audience was to be maintained.

The “Digital Linz” programme will be presented to the Linz City Council for decision-making in spring 2021.

Alle weiteren Informationen zum Programm finden Sie hier.