Heidi Staska

Back Office

Hard Facts

Born 1965 in Baden


  • Member of the Skills team since July 2009
  • 1985 – 2008: tourism specialist in the incoming department of a travel agency


  • Academy for economic professions; 1984 Matura (school leaving exam)

Fun Facts

Firstly, things turn out differently and secondly, they don’t happen as you expect them to. She wanted to be a stewardess, our Heidi. And where did she end up? In the cockpit of our agency. Where she makes sure that our high-altitude flights run without turbulence and that we always have a precision landing in terms of organisation. But she still loves travelling, and she is not afraid of exotic tasks anyway. We understand that as a child she preferred singing along to “Maya the Bee” over “Heidi”; which would have been trite. Nevertheless, the mountains are clearly her world: even as a little girl she liked to be out in nature and is still a passionate hiker today. Which one can see, and one should acknowledge without envy.

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