Gabriela Wallner-Delian

Office Management

Hard facts

  • Born 1967 in Vienna
  • Mother of perfect twins


Industrial management assistant


  • Since 2003 Finance and Organisation Manager and Account Manager at The Skills Group
  • 2003 short sidestep in marketing for a semi-state-owned company
  • 1996 – 2003 part-time job with a Viennese PR consultant
  • 1994 – 96 maternity leave
  • 1989 – 94 five passionate years at Skills in Public Relations
  • After completing her apprenticeship, she remained with Ankerbrot AG in the payroll department until 1989

Fun facts

Gabi saw the light of day at the exact millisecond of the calculated date of birth. At least that’s the story – because if anyone takes numbers seriously, it’s her. She already managed the money at school events and played cashier at the Christmas bazaar (where at the most the biscuit balance was not quite perfect). And even today she doesn’t find accounting dry at all, but is downright euphoric when calculations work out and data confusion becomes the “big picture”. Otherwise, our Gabi is very low-maintenance. It’s not surprising that she loved Astrid Lindgren’s heroines as a child. Because Gabi is definitely more of a tomboy than a princess, accepts conflict to confront injustice and, thanks to her empathy, is a popular agony aunt for the staff. As a huge Greece fan, she will probably “stay there eventually” (as a popular Austrian song goes), but until then she grows yummy foods in her Burgenland retreat at the weekend. And for Pippi Longstocking, we think Astrid Lindgren took her cue from Gabi: “Pippi, the storm is getting stronger!” – “It doesn’t matter, me too!”

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