To ensure broad, long-term success for our clients, we need to create understanding for concerns, find dialogue partners and supporters, inform stakeholders in a targeted manner and change underlying conditions. In doing so, we can draw on a network of decision makers, experts and media that has evolved over more than 35 years of agency history and is based on mutual respect and trust.

In addition to these contacts, we are optimally networked both nationally and internationally in order to offer you customised solutions with a view beyond our own noses. We are …

  • … Part of the european agencynetwork “Team Farner
  • … the owner of the datenwerk digital agency – and thus we can offer all digital services from a single source.
  • … a partner of the marketing and communications agency All Channels Communication
  • … also at home in the Arab world with the Arab-World Skills Center.
  • … a co-founder of the cross-national and cross-agency network AgencyExperts
  • … actively represented in the industry associations PRVA und ICCO vertreten