Josephine Ziegler

Account Assistant

Hard Facts

Born 2001 in Vienna


  • Account Assistant at The Skills Group since 2023
  • 2022: PR-Internship UNIQUE Relations


  • 2019-2022 Bachelors Degree in Marketing and Communications at FH Sankt Pölten


Looks are decieving – whoever gets fooled by a pretty face has already lost. Josephine was born to do PR and is handling the job with euphoric energy. Whether it is texting, researching or social-media, she always thrives for perfection and commitment. In her privat-life the Lower-Austrian is full of surprises as well: outdoor-sports is not her thing, only her mothers dachshunds can get her to go on a walk. Her love for Animals isn’t surprising tho – as a child Josephine basically lived in a small zoo: cats, dogs, fish, guinnea pigs and ducks were all around. Today that also reflects in her dietary choices as a vegan. We’re glad that the long daily commute from St.Pölten to the capital doesn’t scare her off and we can count on Josephines endless drive as a part of our team.

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